lunedì 7 gennaio 2013

Look # *98

Left xXakyXx

Hair: * 0 Style *You*All Color Pack Gift 
Skin : [Hush] Jennifer Skin - Blue :: New :: 
Top : *v-R* Mesh Top Phebe 
Shoes : DADAbeiz :: High Stiletto Elegant 
Scarf :  SOUL. Scarf Black   :: New :: 
Nails: *TWISHEE* AGAM - BLACK Marcketplace
Piercing : [ni.Ju] Simple Piercing Marcketplace

Right  кเкuησşuкﻮ ツ 
Hair : .ploom. Penny -
Skin : =kk= Holidays Skin GIFT
Dress : Beach dress G
Shoes : **Tentacio: Special gift for subscribe costumers
Bag : handbag female, bubble cyberstar
Nails : [Princess]Nails White -  Marcketplace Free
Piercing : [ni.Ju] Monroe Piercing Free Marcketplace

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